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Tom Sharkey

Tom Sharkey

Software Engineering Headhunter
+1 (617) 830 1105
Tom Sharkey

Specialised in:

Building Software Teams in Massachusetts, USA, ranging from graduate Software Engineers to CTO.

Experience & background:

With over four years of recruitment experience in the Software sector, my career kicked off with a specialization with Java Engineers in Hessen, Germany. Subsequently, I dedicated three-plus years to establishing a dynamic Software desk in the US market.

During this period, I assisted companies nationwide in assembling their Software teams, catering to a diverse range of roles from graduate Engineers to Chief Technology Officers (CTOs). Since joining Omega, my current focus revolves around aiding Massachusetts-based companies in discovering top-tier Engineers.

You might be surprised to learn:

When I'm not immersed in the world of Software team building in Massachusetts, you're likely to find me engrossed in YouTube videos on skiing and snowboarding. Currently planning my dream holiday involves hitting the slopes in Japan for an unforgettable skiing experience.