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Tasha Crisp

Tasha Crisp

Account Manager
Tasha Crisp

Specialised in
Account Manager partnering with one of the nation’s leading Dairy brands- responsible for candidate management to include interviewing, payroll, induction and performance reviews. I work closely with my client to ensure the smooth day to day operation and any unforeseen business needs.

Experience & background
5 years’ experience with Omega, started as a temp to support the company transition and have never left! I enjoy the fast pace of industrial recruitment and everything that goes with it!  Prior to Omega, my work experience varied but all previous roles have been customer based. I am also a qualified Makeup artist but don’t ask me to put your lashes on!

You might be surprised to learn
I love crocheting! If I’m not on a bottomless brunch, I’ll be at home knitting whilst watching Corrie!