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Carys Pegrum

Carys Pegrum

Business Operations Specialist
Carys Pegrum

Specialised in
In addition to providing essential support for key business functions, I have developed a strong expertise in Marketing and I am responsible for overseeing the online presence of the company on various social media platforms and as my tenure continues to grow, so does my skillset!

Experience & background
Before joining Omega, I mainly worked in customer service roles. Omega hired me in 2014 to work with one of their largest clients, where I focused on handling complaints, retaining customers and making sales.  

In 2015, I took a seconded role with Omega’s onsite team, managing the contract I was previously working on and helped them achieve their best year ever. From there, I never left! I discovered a new passion in people management and attracting talent. These skills allowed me to transition to my current role, which I enjoy for its dynamic and exciting nature. At Omega, every day is different and challenging - something I love!

You might be surprised to learn
I am Mum to my little boy, George and on our days together, we can be found exploring the scenic rural areas and waterways near our home. When I actually get some free time, I like to express my creativity through a wide range of arts and crafts, such as painting, embroidery, or photography and I always have at least two projects on the go. Oh, I am also related to Elton John!