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Amy Futcher

Amy Futcher

Talent & Growth Lead
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Amy Futcher

Specialised in:

My expertise lies in uncovering the capabilities within talented candidates who may be on the market or in the market. I not only identify individuals with exceptional skills but also play a pivotal role in guiding experienced consultants to realise their untapped potential by understanding their unique strengths and aspirations, for their future career plans.

Experience & Background:

With a track record of five years' experience in recruiting top talent across all experience levels within recruitment teams, I possess a genuine passion for guiding talented individuals towards making the right moves in their careers. My journey began with aspirations to excel in a sales recruitment role but when finding myself in an internal role focusing on hiring consultants, it became evident early on that this was my calling!!
I developed a profound enthusiasm for influencing individuals who had not previously considered recruitment as a career path, encouraging them to embark on a fulfilling journey in the industry.

Witnessing these individuals thrive in their roles and being a part of their career evolution has been immensely rewarding, reinforcing my commitment to the field and the impact it can have on people's professional lives.
Making the move to Omega was a no brainer! I was in awe when understanding their growth plans, meeting the team and visualising how I could supercharge my career with them. The opportunities for personal growth and development are second to none and the benefits along the way are top tier! Best career decision I have made to date!

You might be surprised to learn:

Outside of work I love spending time with friends and family. I am a sucker for good food, the key to my heart is a good steak! I love travelling to Dubai, a massive cat lover and a big fan of Disney Pixar Cars! I will occasionally drag myself to the gym, slight addiction to buying new stationary and always have something sweet to hand!