About Laithwaite’s Wine

Unlike other wine merchants, Laithwaite’s buyers are constantly on the move, finding wines of real quality and character. They believe in meeting their producers face to face, to do deals on the strength of a handshake.

By cultivating existing relationships with producers, Laithwaites can bring you the finest wines at the keenest prices. And by seeking out new producers with a genuine passion for wine, they continue to bring you exciting new discoveries.

Taking a unique approach to bring you better wine

Laithwaites don’t let convention stand in the way of finding you the best wines available. Back in the 60’s, wine merchants didn’t go direct to the winemaker. Now? They wouldn’t do it any other way. Laithwaites have flown New World winemakers to Europe to share new techniques and develop new ideas and supported struggling young winemakers, giving them everything they need, to make great wines for you.

Laithwaites don’t just find new wines; they make their own. Jolly good they are, too – they’ve the awards to prove it! But they’re not in the business for trophies and medals. Laithwaites are simply trying to introduce great new wines to as many people aswe can. You included.

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Join the Distribution Centre

​There are a lot of great reasons to love working at Laithwaites – not least that they’re the most successful wine merchant on the planet. A family run business for over 50 years, they sell more wine, to more people, than anyone else.

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Join the Call Centre

There’s a great working culture at Laithwaites. Customer events are run entirely by in-house staff, there are opportunities for wine education, regular staff tastings and more. You’ll even get a chance to visit Laithwaites own château in Bordeaux and help with harvest at the award-winning Wyfold Vineyard in Oxfordshire.

Meet the Omega Laithwaites Onsite team

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