What is Rage Applying and Why Does it Matter?

10 months ago Amie Daniels

What is Rage Applying and Why Does it Matter?

In 2022 we saw the rise of a variety of workplace trends. Whether that was employees not feeling fulfilled in their jobs, individuals coming out of retirement to help them through the cost-of-living crisis, or others cushioning their careers with new skills and networking opportunities for when they jump ship to another company. 2023 is no different and already we have a new trend that is replacing ‘Quiet Quitting’ - when employees carry out the bare minimum required of their roles. Welcome the latest term ‘Rage Applying’.

At some point in our careers, we consider applying for a job with a different company. Perhaps you’ve fallen out of love with your current employer, don’t feel valued enough, have achieved all you can from your position in the company, or want to explore a new opportunity or industry. Rage applying is when employees are feeling frustrated and instead of discussing their feelings with their line managers, they are being hasty and applying for roles with no intention of leaving. Although this may seem like a pointless exercise, there is a reason behind these actions.

A viral trend that started on TikTok in December, rage applying can be seen as an act of revenge for employees if they are in a situation where they don’t feel appreciated by their current company. Therefore, applying for new roles at different levels and locations, and succeeding in the interview, there is a sense of satisfaction that they are wanted elsewhere and can barter with their current employer for more money or better conditions.

Employers should be taking this seriously because it signals that a member of their workforce is unhappy and that they might not be the only one. Across the board, there is an air of unrest and uncertainty in the jobs market. There has been a rise in people who feel unsupported or unhappy in their careers and are looking for better options. Whether that’s more flexible working, more benefits, or more pay. It’s important to have regular check-ins with members of your team to see how they’re feeling and if they want to air any grievances.

Rage applying gives employees a feeling of control over their careers and less of a sense of loyalty to a company. Also, the time spent dedicated to submitting CVs and applications for new positions means they are not focusing on their roles and responsibilities in their day job.

The downside is that in some instances, you may be rejected and feel even more dissatisfied and lose confidence. Or you go through with a job offer that may offer a higher salary, but the company culture and characteristics don’t match yours and the workload or commute is more challenging. When thinking about leaving a job there needs to be much consideration and it’s beneficial to weigh up the pros and cons of handing in your resignation and doing a proper search of what area you’d like to explore and the targeted companies you would love to work with in an organised and structured manner. Instead of firing off dozens of applications without any real thought which could be unproductive in the short term.

Instead of going through this process speak with your line manager regarding your worries at work, there could be simple communications between you that could help and assist in the long run.

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