Why the Christmas break is a good time to evaluate what you want from your career in 2023?

12 months ago Amie Daniels
Blog Omega New Year Review

​Why the Christmas break is a good time to evaluate what you want from your career in 2023?

As we’ve almost reached the end of 2022, it’s a good time to take a look at your career over the last year or even a few years and assess what you’ve enjoyed and what you would like to build upon. The Christmas break is always a good time for this because when you’re working usual office hours or shift work, it can be challenging to stop and take stock because you’re ‘in the job’ not ‘on the job’.

When looking back on your career over the last 12 months write down your achievements, what you’re proud of and those new experiences that have improved your skillset and knowledge - you’d be surprised at how much can change in a year. Then think about the stumbling blocks you have overcome when you had moments at work you didn’t take pleasure in and would like to change for the future.

If there is anything that this year has taught us in the careers market is that there have been a lot of trends that have seen employees standing up for their worth and striving for better. From ‘The Great Resignation’ to ‘Loud and Quiet Quitting’ and ‘Career Cushioning’, individuals across the board have been taking a hard look at their working lives to see where they can make improvements for a better work/life balance or to aim higher for bigger and better opportunities.

Factors such as post-pandemic working arrangements with flexible hours and remote working have been a big pull for people to get a better balance this year. Also, the cost-of-living crisis has taken its toll on many with strikes happening across certain sectors and others not being able to afford even driving to work in the first place. As employees, we are standing up more for what we believe is right and fair, and looking for new options that suit our needs better.

When setting new years resolutions we always aim to up-skill ourselves, by doing more volunteer work or just aiming to better things for the future. Our careers make up a good proportion of that as we think “by this time next year I would like to have achieved x, y and z.” It’s in our nature to want to do well and after a challenging few years, now is a better time than any to open ourselves up and push ourselves forward for that promotion or complete career change altogether.

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