How volunteering can boost your skillset for the better

12 months ago Amie Daniels

How volunteering can boost your skillset for the better

As this week marked international volunteers day, it’s an opportunity to take a look at how and why using some free time for extra-curricular activities doesn’t just benefit the recipients who are receiving support but can also bolster your CV too by showcasing a range of skillsets which can be attractive to potential employers.

Launched back in 1985 by the United Nations, it was designed to celebrate the power and potential of volunteerism. A way to raise awareness of how people can make a contribution to their community for good, as well as raise the profile of groups that need a bit of extra assistance. It’s something that is done across the world with groups such as Scouts and Brownies, charities and non-governmental organisations to name a few. It’s also something that people from school age all the way through to retirement can get involved in to wisely use up their free time.

Whether you’re working in a shop, helping out at events, or being a mentor, volunteering can be a way to gain new experiences and valuable skills that can make your CV stand out more than your competitors. This is thanks to a number of advantages along the way.

Firstly, it demonstrates that you use your spare time in a constructive way and not just on a games console. Whilst it’s good to have balance, being able to put some of your time towards a worthy cause shows empathy and also adds another string to your bow where you’re able to participate in a new hobby.

Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to meet new people outside of the workplace and your social unit. Unlike networking which can sometimes be uncomfortable, volunteering means that you’re entering a fresh group of people who all have the same interests and are from the same area. This kind of environment is usually low-pressure, welcoming and friendly, and it’s likely that you’ll find more meaningful connections in this space compared to a formal event.

Thirdly, if you’re looking to broaden your horizons and expand your interests, skillsets and knowledge away from your current field or looking to try something completely different, then volunteering in a sector you’re passionate about or want to find out more about can be a great way to invest your time. Whether you’re working for a large company at the moment but want to see what smaller non-profits are like, or you're looking to scratch an itch on something you’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t had a chance to yet. Take a look at work volunteering opportunities that are available and think about how they can benefit you in the long run.

Finally, it helps you develop new skills and build your confidence. Volunteering can take you out of your comfort zone and present lots of ways to try something different that allows you to make mistakes along the way to enhance your skillset even more. This could be everything from coding to marketing, event organisation to team-work-based activities.

All of these extra assets make you more of a well-rounded person and give you an extra layer to your character and your CV when approaching new employers by showing that you have interests outside of work and that you’ve been building on your experience which can put you in good stead for the future.

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