Why it’s time to ‘Career Cushion’ your CV?

about 1 year ago Amie Daniels
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​​Why it’s time to ‘Career Cushion’ your CV?

Throughout 2022 we have seen a number of trends emerge in the workplace. From ‘The Great Resignation’ to ‘Loud and Quiet Quitting,’ we’ve witnessed employees taking a stand against corporations and their bosses. Enter the latest viral term: ‘Career Cushioning’. It’s been shared countless times on LinkedIn in the last week with many experts saying how it’s a great opportunity for individuals to build on their skillset, bolster their CVs and network more than usual.

The reason behind this is simple. More and more employees are thinking about their ‘plan B’ in the fear that they may be made redundant during the cost-of-living crisis. They are futureproofing themselves to make them more attractive to potential new employers without actively searching for new roles. It means that they are building on their value, playing the long game, so that they become memorable amongst peers in their industry.

With the careers market quite volatile at the moment, the notion of ‘cushioning your career’ shows that you are taking active steps to build on your portfolio and networking opportunities, whether that’s in person on online with platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. By doing so you’re demonstrating your passion for the field and if and when the time comes that you need to jump to a new employer or company then you have the skills to back up your application. Also, by already making in-roads with organisations you would like to work with in the future, you’ll be more memorable when a potential opportunity does arise.

When looking at improving your existing skills, compare the ones you already have to the ones that are required for the future role you want. Start making progress by investing your time in those ‘must have’ requirements and attributes that some jobs that you aspire to are requesting. Whether that’s taking a course, reading essential books or attending special talks where you can expand your knowledge as well as your circle of industry insiders who will also be in attendance. Although you’re not looking to jump ship just yet, this can ignite a fire inside you to look at your current position with a fresh perspective or bring something new to the table that will impress your employers and put you forward for new initiatives. It’s easy for many of us to get complacent, so this could be a chance to try something different within your company whilst thinking about your future career prospects.

The cliched interview question of ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ can be a tricky one, but in this instance looking at your long-term plan can be beneficial as you build your way to the next opportunity. With the current climate of a recession-hit economy and uncertainty in the workplace, now is as good a time as any to prepare yourself for stability. More than anything, it’s about keeping your options open and investing in yourself. Some career experts are comparing it to an insurance policy for your career.

When working on ‘brand you’ for your LinkedIn profile, think about the traits that would be of interest to outside employers. This can include expertise, consistency, the connections you’ve established over the years, as well as your career prospects so that external parties can see your real value. Carrying out extra tasks, volunteering, or indeed dipping your toe in work and experiences outside of your current company, all contribute to cushioning your career for the better.

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