Loud Quitting - The Latest Resignation Trend

about 1 year ago
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​We’ve already covered the topic of Quiet Quitting in a previous blog where employees who are losing interest in their current jobs do the bare minimum that is required of them. For employers it’s not always obvious that this is happening but there are a number of signs to look out for. From being distant in the office, not putting themselves forward for projects, to an unwillingness to go above and beyond their job description. Whilst this puts employers into a difficult position, they can’t fire employees because at the end of the day they are still fulfilling their responsibilities. The notion of quiet quitting can bring an air of unease to the workforce if others aren’t pulling their weight.

Enter the newest trend in resignations which is the complete opposite of quiet quitting and takes putting in your notice to another level. Loud Quitting. We’ve experienced over the last year individuals across the board of industries leaving their jobs to get a better work life balance, or to move to a different company that is offering a higher salary and better benefits to what they are receiving at the moment. Employees are quitting because they are confident in their worth and don’t feel that they are being valued, and express this in a way that is miles apart from the standard letter of resignation.

Loud Quitting is popular amongst Gen-Z’ers who are taking to Instagram and TikTok to publicly announce that they are leaving their jobs to either travel the world or get a promotion elsewhere. Whilst this brings an instant sense of thrill, empowerment because you’re standing up for their own value and getting instant reactions from friends and peers online, it can also have a negative impact. The term ‘don’t burn your bridges’ is certainly relevant in this discussion. If future employees see that this is your attitude to work then this can put some people off, and also reduce the chance of returning back to that workplace if things don’t work out. Your online presence and posts can either have a positive or negative effect on your career, so always be careful what you publish online and the effects this can have in the long run.

Away from Loud Quitting there is also another phrase that is trending amongst employers called Loud Leaving. In answer to the hustle culture where staff would stay late after work, companies are trying to improve the work life balance with managers vocalising to their colleagues that they are leaving on time. This is to encourage teams to normalise sticking to their set hours and not feel bad for leaving the office before others, especially after getting used to working from home for the last few years. The reintroduction of coming back into the office after the pandemic has certainly created a new set of standards and experiences in the office for the better.

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