Why now is a good time to use a recruitment agency?

about 1 year ago
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​Recruitment agencies…what are they good for? No, we're not releasing a single you’ll be glad to hear, but we are here to wave the flag for the benefits of using a recruitment agency. For years Omega have been collaborating with employers in our home county of Gloucestershire and also on a nationwide level to get the results they want. Talent. It may be well and good putting an advert for a job on your company website or social media pages, but are you attracting the right people through these methods?

There are many advantages to using a recruitment agency to hire new staff, and now is as good a time as any to work together. From previous blogs we’re already aware of the employee revolution we are witnessing at the moment, and how businesses are crying out for loyal and skilled individuals to join their team. So as we say goodbye to summer and what is said to be a tough winter ahead, it’s time to think about your recruitment strategies and how to not only retain staff but source the best candidates out there who are looking for new opportunities with the change of the seasons.

At Omega, we pride ourselves on our market knowledge. Our fingers are always on the pulse with the latest hiring statistics that enables us to always be ahead of the trends. We like to think outside the box and ensure that not only do we fully under-stand the current market, but we are also utilising the latest recruitment tools and techniques. This access to insider knowledge gives us the edge over competitors and arms us with evidence to showcase to our clients about the state of the market. We also keep up to date on industry news in the sectors that we cater for to get a true understanding of the bigger picture, but also to represent you well by being invested in your area of expertise.

Unlike your in-house Human Resources team or time-consuming selection and interview process, we have the manpower to take away the stress of reading through pages of applications. When working with new clients we get to know the company inside out. Whether that’s the characteristics which run through the business, the personalities of the team, or the things that make you tick, we care about finding the very best talent and that is always reflected in the service provided. Our diverse and experienced team of consultants who specialise within various sectors bring dedication and esteemed knowledge to the table. At Omega, we hold fantastic tenures so that our consultants truly grow within the industries that we specialise in. Whether that’s engineering, manufacturing, aviation, our passion lies in being true advocates of the field. Each and every one of the team builds fantastic relationships with our loyal clients and work hard to embed their DNA into their daily work when sourcing candidates.

We mean it when we say we take away the hassle of hiring. Our support teams handle all the admin so that clients don’t have to. From payroll processes to checking Rights to Work and criminal convictions, we cover it all so that you have more time to focus on the day job.

Our experience lies in our years of operation and our renowned reputation for recruitment. We take what we do to heart and have all the legalities and compliance in place to ensure candidates and clients alike that they are in good hands. Our ISO accreditation means that we have a strict recruitment process and can spot imposters a mile off. We are well versed in employment law, agency worker regulations, GLAA licensing standards and follow strict compliance measures. Plus our consultants are Home Office trained to spot counterfeit RTW documents and fully trained to spot signs of modern slavery - really, the list is endless. The compliance measures that we have in place means that we have to have legitimate RTW documents and use government systems that ensure all checks marry up so that we are dealing with legitimate individuals, etc. This attention to detail and above all duty of care is important to us, and a true testament to why companies use us as a recruitment agency time and time again.

Consider us your outsourced recruitment team that truly gets your business and the type of individual you are looking to bring on board. It’s certainly a busy time for the job market and can be quite overwhelming, but don’t stress as we’re here to help. With regular one-to-one catch ups, insights into market trends, and leading processes when recruiting the best individuals for the job, it’s simple to see the benefits. Our success rates speak for themselves.

At Omega our doors are always open to new clients looking to collaborate. Our dedicated consultants are experts in Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Defence, Scientific, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors. Speak to our team on 01453 827333 to see how we can help, or visit our website.