Why Pursue a Career Within Recruitment?

over 1 year ago Carys Pegrum
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At Omega ​our bread and butter is matching candidates and clients together for a prosperous future. We draw on our years of experience in the industry and leading connections to produce perfect matches in the field of engineering, aviation and manufacturing, just to name a few. But what about a career within recruitment? What makes the office tick and why are we so passionate about what we do day in and day out?

From great development opportunities to making a positive and fulfilling impact on people’s lives and company’s output, there are many benefits to the career. Here’s a number of our newest team members, sharing why they moved into recruitment in the first place and why they enjoy the job:

Mike Farrell, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

“I made the move into recruitment as I was looking for a stable, long-term career following the pandemic and something which can offer me progression opportunities along with the opportunity to learn a completely new industry, away from anything I have done previously.

Omega has offered me the opportunity to pursue this and has given me the chance to learn and develop from experienced colleagues who have helped me gain a good initial knowledge and understanding about recruitment while also encouraging me to develop and learn in an environment which can give me the best chance of hitting personal targets.”

Joe Wellington, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

“My choice to join the recruitment industry was based on the fact I really enjoy interacting with new people and providing a top quality service. Another big factor which led me to join Omega was having a strong background in sales and having the ability to transfer my skillset.

My experience with Omega so far has been very enjoyable. I felt part of the team from day one, and haven’t look back since!”

Nathan Marks, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

“For me a huge thing on a personal note was to get a good work/life balance and Omega has given me that opportunity. Being sales oriented I felt my skills have been well transferred for things such as client calls and candidate calls to an extent.

I love the fact that you deal with people, and whilst making a difference for yourself, you’re also making the difference to someone else if that’s finding someone a job or getting them a different role with better pay, etc.”

Greg Duffus, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

“I got into recruitment following on from finishing university as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I came across recruitment as a potential graduate option and it turned out to be a great decision.

So far with Omega, I have found recruitment to be very rewarding through both finding a candidate their ideal job as well as the personal achievement of making a deal.”

Arun Picton, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

“I was originally introduced to Omega Resource by a friend who already worked for the business and this recommendation spurred me to make the move into recruitment. This was the first time I had looked into working within the industry and after some research into Omega, I could see that it would be a good opportunity to join as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant.

I have really enjoyed my time so far at Omega, learning more about engineering and recruitment as an industry. I am looking forward to continuing to grow my experience and knowledge working within the Technical Engineering Department.”

Kris Smith, Recruitment Director

“I started at Omega in 2010 on a short-term contract which became a permanent role, I’m grateful to have been invested in over the past 12 years which has enabled me to take on greater responsibility. I’m incredibly proud to work for Omega and I continue to look at ways of promoting from within, building on our track record of growing great talent.”

Kris is an exemplary example of home-grown talent. He started working with Omega as a teenager and through hard work, passion and dedication he has climbed every rank along the way and became our Recruitment Director in 2021. He is truly evidence of what Omega has to offer if you work hard and strive for progression and this is certainly something that runs throughout the team.

These are just a handful of the dedicated Omega consultants and directors who help provide a wide range of temporary, contract and permanent opportunities, in partnership with leading employers nationwide. We’re always on the lookout for great candidates to come join our dynamic team. If you’re ready to start a role in recruitment, we have just the thing. Speak to our team on 01453 827333 to see how we can help you or visit our website.