The Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency

over 1 year ago Carys Pegrum
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​Not just an outlet for candidates who are looking to find a new job, a recruitment agency is also a fantastic tool for clients who are in need of filling positions too. There are many benefits to collaborating with a recruitment agency from the point of view of a business or organisation - from a quicker hiring process to a higher quality of candidate. Here’s just a selection of reasons why it’s time to trust the experts.

1. Treat us as your in-house recruitment team

Take away the stress of the hiring process by handing over the responsibility to an agency. We deal with the task in hand day in and day out and relish in the satisfaction of helping our clients. We get to know how you tick and what skills and attributes make up your company. We become part of your team and grow with you to get the best outcomes.

2. We have specialist knowledge

As time goes on we get to know our clients and their company more and more. A recruitment agency will understand and take on board your requirements and what you’d like to achieve with your members of staff. We also specialise in certain areas of business and industries. Over the years Omega has developed in-depth knowledge in aviation, engineering and manufacturing, just to name a few, which attracts external companies in those fields to our team as we’re the experts. With our insider know-how, clients trust our reputation and the rapport we develop together. Therefore we have a greater understanding of technical roles and the requirements and skills needed for certain jobs.

3. We understand the current market

As the ever-changing careers market keeps us on our toes we are always on top of the latest trends and what’s happening in the industry. With job vacancies at a record high at the moment, we can see what the competition is like in your industry and how to make your application stand out. We also bring an honest approach and will demonstrate how to attract a higher level of candidate with a benefits package that will be appealing. It’s a tough market out there for employers, bringing on board a recruitment agency to do the hard work for you will help you in the long run.

4. A variety of roles to fill

We understand that you might not be looking for permanent staff all the time, that’s why a recruitment agency can assist will filling part-time and temporary roles too. We can sign- post and promote the advert in all the right places to your timescale.

5. Leave the admin to us

Putting together a new job advertisement every time you need to fill a role is time consuming. It’s not a one-size-fits-all task and can vary depending on the industry, sought after skills and length of contract. A recruitment agency will carefully craft a well thought-out and enticing job advert to attract and maximise the amount of applications. We’ll set deadlines in accordance to your needs and will take on board all the admin of hiring a new member of staff.

6. A higher quality of candidate

Drawing on an extensive list of potential candidates and a wider network of connections, we are able to source a better standard of candidate that ticks all your boxes and has characteristics that will match that of the company.

7. A quicker way to hire new staff

A recruitment agency quickly and effectively screens candidates to check out who would be the best fit early on in the process. We take away the hassle of reading countless applications and speed up the process on your behalf.

Omega works with a wide variety of companies to hire the very best talent. The advantages are certainly worthwhile and help you in the long run. We’re always on the lookout for new clients to collaborate with and always happy to discuss how you can benefit from our expertise and network of candidates. As specialists in Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Defence, Scientific, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Manufacturing sectors, speak to our team to find out more on 01453 827333.