Happy Father’s Day To The Dads of Omega!

over 1 year ago Carys Pegrum
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​With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to put a spotlight on some of the Dads in the Omega office who help to make the recruitment process run like clock-work. We’re a work family ourselves who build each other up with enthusiasm, passion, knowledge and experience. As a team we spend our days helping candidates and clients alike reach their best potential to form careers, connections and relationships for a brighter future together.

But what about away from the 9-5? We asked some of the team what is the best advice they would give to their children when it comes to finding the right career for them.

Mark Porch – Regional Director

“My son and daughter are very different characters, one is very creative and arty, the other is sports mad and wants to be outside all the time. To them both, I would advise them to take time to explore what they enjoy as their career path. If they find their passion then self-fulfillment and success (and that doesn’t always mean financial) will find them. If they can find a career that helps other people then even better. As long as they’re happy and making happiness then they’ve chosen the correct career.”

Mark Davis – Principal Consultant

“To my daughter Pippa I would say:
Work as an apprentice; you will know more than most
Work and educate yourself; you’ll learn more than most
Work smart not hard; you’ll advance more than most
Work in sales at least once; you’ll be more rounded than most
Work in a job that makes you happy; you’ll be wiser than most

The best piece of advice I can give you when looking for a career is that it’s ok not to know what you want to do - there are plenty of opportunities to try different things and you should. Try anything that interests you until you find the best fit for you, especially if it pays for your own pony eventually, no pressure”

Paul Furlong – Principal Consultant

“To my children and stepchildren I would say: life will throw up hundreds of opportunities on a professional (and personal) level, have the confidence in yourself to try new things and push yourself - a lack of confidence can be misinterpreted as a lack of ambition and drive, I know, that was me! Whatever your career path, be nice to people and help people and you’ll change lives without even knowing it. Don’t let anyone bully you, don’t accept anything less than what you’re worth and take those opportunities!”

Honest and humble pieces of advice from only a handful of the fantastic Dads in the Omega office, who work hard in their day-to-day and then go home and continue their evenings with bath times, bedtime stories and so much more. We also can’t forget our wonderful Dads with furbabies either! Our open pup policy in the office really contributes to a fantastic working environment, and the care and responsibilities they share with their dogs matches those with children.

These are just a small selection of the dedicated Omega team who help provide a wide range of temporary, contract and permanent opportunities, in partnership with leading employers nationwide. We’ll work with you to find that perfect role to get you back on the ladder.

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