Happy National Receptionists Day

over 1 year ago Carys Pegrum
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​Yes there really is a dedicated day for anything and everything. It so happens that 11th May is National Receptionists Day. They’re the first face we see when we go to the doctors, dentist, school, hotel or office building and offer an abundance of help as well as a friendly welcome. They’re a representation of many companies so this day is to say thanks for all the hard work that they do. It was first launched in America in 1991 to celebrate the role of professional receptionists and was introduced in the UK in 2012 after leading provider of reception services, Rapport, wanted to take a leaf out of the USA’s book to support the initiative.

Whether you have years of experience in the industry or just starting out, its main quality is about being a people person. You’ll be at the centre of everything, organised, positive energy, be able to handle multiple tasks and be cool under pressure. You’ll get to meet interesting people and help others sometimes when they need it most. It also provides a great opportunity to progress within the company as you’ll get a true insight into what makes the business tick. It can be demanding but the personal rewards are certainly gratifying.

Your day to day as a customer service representative will be varied. From answering questions to scheduling meetings, answer and transfer phone calls, making travel arrangements, greeting guests, accepting payments, respond to emails, there’s never a dull moment. You don’t necessarily need a degree for the job, but admin-based qualifications and a working knowledge of how to use the software and products as part of the job would be advantageous.

When applying for a receptionist role, across a number of sectors, here’s our tips on getting your foot in the door.

1. Make sure your CV is up to date - When checking or making amendments to your CV it’s important to think about your previous experiences that would help you stand out from others. Have you done a similar role for another company? Did you have any unique experiences that showcases you can work well to a deadline, or that you’re great working with the general public? Also include what competencies you have that would be valuable to them including first aid training or specific knowledge of software programmes and applications.

2. Work on your interpersonal skills - When interviewing for a receptionist role first impressions count. Think about what you’ll wear to the interview and how you’ll greet the board. This will give them a great idea of how your personality will shine when in the role. You may want to demonstrate charism, the ability to remember information and be professional as well as being well-spoken.

3. Apply for a role at a company that interests you - If you have a passion in technology or the hospitality industry for example, search for roles in the areas that excite you. No one likes to be in a job or an environment that they don’t enjoy, so search for sectors that will make you want to get out of bed in the mornings and that you’ll be happy working with the team and their clients. Put in applications for more than one position to see which company fits your interests best.

4. Be confident on the phone - Answering the phone or making calls is not every-one’s cup of tea. In this job though you’ll be doing it frequently, speaking to people of all backgrounds, sometimes asking for requests and handling sensitive information. Ask friends and family for practice and honest feedback about the way you come across on the phone, and work on being clear and precise in your de-livery.

5. Get some work experience - If you’re fresh out of school or looking to change career path and need to improve your skillset and experience, take some time out to volunteer or take on an internship in an office. This will certainly help in the long run and will improve your people skills.

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