Five Ways to Build Brand You

over 1 year ago Carys Pegrum
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Over the decades the employment industry has changed. Not only do we need an outstanding CV we also need to have a strong online presence. It’s not something that can easily be done, and can take months if not years to establish yourself, but the payoff will certainly be worth it. Building your own brand not only gives you a voice in the careers industry by showing what you’re passionate about and what achievements you have ticked off, it also shows how you can add value to other people and employers. First and foremost it’s about self-pride and being proud of how far you’ve come. 

But from Twitter to LinkedIn, Instagram to blogging, where do you begin? Well for starters it’s key to think about your purpose for building your brand you. Now this is completely unique and can be for a number of factors. Whether that’s so you can shout about the work you’re doing, chase a dream you’ve had your sights set on so that you can provide for your family, or you’re striving to work for a certain employer. Your purpose can have more than one strand and this is the driving force to get your name out there. 

It’s also important to think about your core values and characteristics and how your voice online demonstrates this. Do you show compassion, curiosity, balance and humour? Also be mindful of your strengths and skills and how these can be portrayed - whether that’s being self-motivated, independent but also a team player, quick thinking and open minded. And finally, reflect on your credibility. When applying for your desired role, think about what truly makes you stand out from competitors and what makes you a credible candidate that companies would be foolish not to hire you. This could be qualifications, loyalty to previous companies and other side projects or hobbies that you’re passionate about. 

Once you’ve considered these, it’s time to get active. Here are a number of suggestions to improve your personal branding to make you more attractive to potential employers. 

1. Google Yourself - When was the last time you did this? Was there anything that appeared on the search that surprised you? By seeing what images, articles or videos are online you’re able to tell outsiders the story of your brand. If there is old content on Google that you’d rather see the back of, it’s time to do a cull of old posts.

2. Make Sure You Can Be Found - If you have a common name like Smith or Jones, is there a way for you to be more unique and more searchable online. Could you add your middle name or your job role into your handles. It’s easy to be confused with someone else if potential employers don’t know which name is the correct you. 

3. Generate Publicity - If you are an expert in a particular field then get in touch with your local radio station or an industry magazine to showcase your knowledge and show interest in doing a regular piece. This could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your availability, and by doing so you’re reaching out to a much wider audience showcasing your specialist field. Alternatively publish your own blogs and vlogs. 

4. Review your Social Media - In a similar scenario to Googling yourself, doing a check of your social media will certainly be beneficial. Check your privacy settings to keep an eye on who can and can’t see certain aspects of you social media. Do you want your Instagram feed public or private? Are there photos or videos from years gone by that represent you in a bad way? 

5. Think Before You Post - We’ve seen time and time again, employees being caught out by historical posts or for saying negative things about their employers online. Truly think before you post and the benefit of you doing so. Is it in keeping with your usual posts, will it come across in the wrong way and how will the post help your future career. 

6. Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage - A great tool for online networking and finding new roles, LinkedIn can be very powerful when used in the right way. Is your personal page up to date with all your latest experience and skills? Can you get other professionals you’ve worked with to leave a testimonial? Also be prepared to network online by engaging with other posts and reaching out to those in a similar field. 

There are plenty of ways to build your brand away from you paper CV. With plenty of platforms online ready to be utilised to get your name out there, what are you waiting for? 

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