How to Spring Clean Your CV

over 1 year ago
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​When was the last time you gave your CV an overhaul? As we head into the summer months, it’s not just our homes that need a spring clean as perhaps it’s time to start a fresh in your career too. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or something to get the most out of that work life balance. It’s time for out with the old and in with the new for your resume that could do with an update.

Sometimes though, looking at your existing CV thinking where on earth do I begin, can be a little daunting. Your experience and expertise has changed, your focus has gone down a different direction or you’ve decided it’s time to refresh what’s on paper as your CV hasn’t been touched in over five years. Here’s our tips on how to stand out from your competitors, and send off an application that will impress.

1. Take out old information

It’s likely that some information in your existing CV has changed since the last time you looked at it. It could be anything and everything from your most recent employee status, roles, work experience or even simple things like your contact details. Have you moved house or changed your email address to something more professional? These small items can make a real difference. On a larger scale, replacing old employment information with new, showcases your latest skillsets. Also, some previous jobs from 10 years ago such as a weekend job will be outdated and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Employers look at hundreds of CVs and don’t have time to read through pages of information that doesn’t interest them.

2. Focus on your achievements

You want your CV to stand out from the rest, right? It’s common to see personal statements within a resume that sums up in a perfectly formed paragraph why you’re a great candidate for the job. Take the time to think about your achievements and what makes you a great fit. Include keywords such as ‘dynamic’, ‘driven’, ‘professional’ and ‘loyal’ which paints a good picture of your character. By having these alongside your unique and personal wins at the top of your CV will make employers want to read more. Also include information about any volunteer work you do outside of your normal job, details like this shows that you have interests outside of work which could be useful to employers in the future.

3. Tailor your CV

With CVs it’s not a one size fits all method. Even in the same industry, roles differ to one another and you’ll want to tailor your application to that job in particular. Within the advertisement itself they’ll be words and phrases which can guide you on what to include in your CV. Produce a bespoke document that shows you’ve taken the time to research the company, the type of candidates they look for and what previous experience they like to see. It’s another tick in the box to express that you care about the company and are dedicated to the potential of working with them.

4. Detail is in the design

How often do you see basic CVs that have no real excitement to them? Just words on a page in black and white that doesn’t give an impression on you and your personality. Mix it up with design elements - but not something too extravagant that will put them off. Use a good font, perhaps boarders, or get really creative and design a resume that matches the company’s branding. The aim is to get noticed, so think out-side the box and always go above and beyond the simplest option.

5. Proof read before submitting

It’s important to ensure that what you’re sending off is to the highest of standards and that doesn’t just mean the experience on the page. As soon as spelling or grammar errors are spotted that’ll put potential employers off as it shows you haven’t paid attention to the small details. Get a second pair of eyes to look at the document and double check facts and the company name - you’ll be surprised how many people get this wrong! Once you’re satisfied with the entire document then it’s time to submit. Make sure that this is done before the deadline itself and that you’re sending it off to the correct email address - you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity because of little details like this that make a big difference.

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