Top tips for improving your LinkedIn profile

almost 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
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 When was the last time you showed your LinkedIn profile some love? If you can invest some time to update, refresh and add some interest to your page – you’ll be standing head and shoulders above other candidates on the most popular B2B social media platform in the world.

 Here’s a few tips to help you…

 Ask for more endorsements

Having people recommend and endorse your skills on LinkedIn is an area which many people neglect. Why? It’s one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile! As a successful recruitment agency, we use LinkedIn a lot and head straight for this section every time. Make your requests for an endorsement polite and personal and always ensure your endorsement is authentic and relevant.

 Choose ‘other’ website option

Underneath your contact info you can link to a website or blog. But whatever you choose as your link, the text will show as ‘website’ or ‘blog’. Yawn! But by selecting ‘other’ when editing the website area of your profile, you can add your own website title and URL. This is much more compelling for your readers, plus they know where the link will take them.

 Add more visual content

We scratch our heads constantly over the reasons people are not using visual content more on their LinkedIn profile! Research suggests that photos and videos broadens reach by 20 times. Your photo, background, featured section, logos, videos, photos, presentations…they can all be used in a really powerful way to showcase your skills and make them stand out. LinkedIn supports most file formats up to 100 megabytes so there’s no excuse – share more content, people!

 Use analytics to align your content

Did you know that LinkedIn Data Analytics not only tells you about a campaigns performance, but also about your demographics, industries, seniority of your visitors and lots more – which you can use to tailor your content. Knowing, and reaching your audience is key to your LinkedIn success.

 Join groups

But the right groups. There are so many to choose from so be picky. When searching, look for member and discussion counts – the more the better. First degree connections within groups are a tell-tale sign this group is for you. Join groups run by people or things you find inspiring. And remember to get involved. Share information and advice. It’s a two way street. And maybe create a LinkedIn group yourself? Go on, be brave!

 Talk to strangers!

The whole point of networking – which is essentially what LinkedIn is all about, is reaching out to new people you want to get to know. So get yourself out there. Start a conversation. LinkedIn is no different to any other social media platform in that respect. You’re connecting to other human beings! Keep it personalised and professional and you can’t go far wrong. And by having a killer LinkedIn profile, those people that you admire and respect will be more inclined to engage with you.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful. Why not join us on LinkedIn for more helpful stuff like this as well as checking out the latest job openings with Omega?