5 things you NEED to consider before choosing which recruitment agency to work with

almost 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
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5 things you NEED to consider before choosing which recruitment agency to work with

 As a successful businesses, you probably get numerous emails, LinkedIn invitations, and telephone calls from recruiters every week. But before you go about choosing a recruitment agency, there are 5 questions you should be asking yourself…

 1. What are your hiring needs? Get clear on precise requirements, budget, long and short term plans, skill strengths and skill gaps. By knowing this, you’ll ease the entire process and enable your recruiter to achieve a positive outcome. Of course any recruitment agency worth their salt will work collaboratively with you to help you understand your requirements. However, having the basics clear in your own mind will help your recruiter understand your goals and work more effectively.

 2. Are you hiring for a specific industry? Then it would make sense to partner with a recruiter with knowledge and experience in this. Recruiting for engineers, automotive and manufacturing? By choosing a specialist recruiter you can tap into a pool of existing candidates with the right skills straight away. Plus, they’ll have a great understanding about the niche challenges you are facing.

 3. Do you have a strategy? If the answer is no, that’s ok. That’s what the recruitment agency is there to help with. Working with a recruiter who has clear and proven strategies for permanent, temporary and contract placements is key to your success. Ask them to give examples of clients they work with. Most importantly, make sure that any recruitment strategy you agree aligns with your overall company objectives – and not theirs!

 4. Do you know exactly what’s involved in outsourcing your recruitment to an agency? For example, what are the fees involved, what is the recruitment process, what happens if an employee leaves and are they ISO accredited? And if you don’t know what to ask – speak to your peers and colleagues who do use recruiters about their own experience. They’ll be quick to tell you about any potential pitfalls and things they wish they’d known before working with a recruitment agency.

 5. Does it feel right? Having good two-way communication, feeling respected and understood and having a natural rapport is so important when deciding upon a recruiter. They can be well-known, cost-effective or highly recommended, but this is a personal decision which only you can make. Do you feel like you can pick up the phone and speak openly if something is troubling you, can you ask questions freely and can you challenge your recruitment agency if needed? Having a good relationship with any business partner if integral to your success.

 In truth, there’s only one way to begin the process of choosing the right recruitment agency… and that’s to start with a conversation. You can call Omega on 01453 827 333 today and speak to a recruitment expert with years of experience and industry knowledge.

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