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about 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
Meet The Team (1)

Is it only the sunshine which makes Omega Portugal the most cheerful, smiley and enthusiastic recruitment team? Apparently not! Working here is enough to put a grin on anyone’s face – rain or shine.

Let’s hear why. And more importantly, how that cheerful spirit can help us!

Everyone is invited to share their ideas

Andreia Soares. You’re Business Manager at Omega Portugal. Tell us why you love you work here:

“Working at Omega Portugal is entering a reality where people are treated as key elements in which each contribution leads to the whole.

We create an atmosphere where people are heard and communication is done in a clear and transparent way, where everyone is invited to share their ideas and where there is no place for fear.

As a member of Omega Portugal I can say that the creative talent, dedication and commitment of this team are unique.”

And it’s not just Andreia who places communication high on her list of reasons to feel happy at work. A 2021 survey by a business solutions comparisons organisation found that:

  • Organizations with connected employees showed productivity increases of 25%.

  • 97% of workers believe that communication impacts tasks every day.

  • 11 % of employees say that poor communication is the main reason for not being able to deliver work on time.

  • And a huge $420,000 per year is lost by companies with poor…you’ve guessed it - communication!

The typical Monday feeling

Next, let’s hear from Recruitment Consultant, Sara Coutada.

“Summarise what it’s like to work at Omega Portugal? In a nutshell, after a weekend, or even if I’ve been on holiday for two weeks, I feel happy to come back! I don’t have the typical feeling of Monday!

I joined Omega Portugal in March 2020 and it has been a fantastic journey of knowledge, adventure and constant stimulation.

The ongoing contact with the team in the UK is also an opportunity to share knowledge and culture - something that in my opinion, adds a lot to my personal and professional growth.

I receive constant motivation to improve and am encouraged to do it for myself and my growth.

We are always recognised for our hard work both by the team in Portugal and in the UK.

Working at Omega Portugal I feel that my hard work, dedication, and perseverance will always be recognized. The constant support I have from the team makes me feel that I can always achieve what I put my mind to.”

Who can’t relate to the Monday morning dread?! New research of 2,000 workers found that 32% don’t feel motivated in their career and 18% were dissatisfied with their quality of life at work.

At Omega Portugal, we believe life is too short to be unhappy at work. That’s why we work so hard for our clients and candidates.

Work to achieve excellence

Daniel Santos is a Recruitment Consultant at Omega Portugal. Daniel, how do you feel about the clients you work with?

“I had the opportunity to come and work for Omega Portugal this year. And since I joined, I have learned a lot from my colleagues. The company’s culture and work environment are fantastic. I feel part of a real team which supports each other in the good and more difficult times - making us strong and united.

I love my work and I know that I will become a better professional because I get feedback, and with that I grow professionally and personally.

Every day we come to work with the aim of doing our best for Omega and our customers. We know that we are an extension of their brand and therefore we work to achieve excellence. That is what distinguishes us.”

An opportunity to show our individual talent

Ines Almeida, the most recent addition to the Omega Portugal family covers what it is like to join the Portugal team.

"Working at Omega Resource resembles the same feeling you get when sitting round a campfire with your closest friends.

It’s that moment when we get together to share our stories, share laughs but also where we can share our challenges of the day.

Each person has the opportunity to show their talent and give their best, each one has the opportunity to listen to others to be able to add this to their experience and always be more and better.

In a camp fire, we all have the opportunity to show our individuality, but we all become more united, because it is in a team that the best results are achieved.

At Omega it's the same. Each one is unique and special in its own way, but it is in moments of union that the biggest flame is raised.

I am grateful to be at Omega Resource and to be able to share my day with this team.

Let's sing together: the flames rise, the flames rise, higher, higher."

We’d love to meet YOU

Now that you’ve been introduced to a few of the Omega Portugal Team, it’s our turn to meet you!

Omega Portugal provides the following solutions: Permanent hires, Project-based recruitment, Executive Search and Managed Services.

So, whether you’re a candidate looking for a new role or a business leader wanting to add to your talented team, please get in touch at [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself.