5 reasons to use a recruiter for your next job

over 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
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​You know the kind of job you want, the sort of organisation you’d like to work for and the salary you expect. So, why use a recruiter to land you your dream job?

Let’s get straight into it!

Want to save time? Searching, scrolling and keeping track of the jobs you’ve applied for is a full-time job in itself. How many hours have you lost already wading through jobs on your phone in the evenings? It’s so much easier to send your CV to a recruiter, have a really great telephone conversation to discuss your dream job, skill set and salary and let them match you to your perfect job! They may have been looking for you to fill an existing job they have, or have a client who would love to have you on board – even if they aren’t adverting yet.

Have a niche skill set? Fact…you’re more likely to cross paths with an employer in need of your unique skill set if you use a recruiter. A recruiter knows their clients inside out and can easily identify what kind of candidate fits the client’s needs best. They can also often give you far more detail about a role than a standard job ad. Take our Technical Engineering team based at our Head Office at Omega. They have the most exciting, niche roles just waiting for someone with your niche skill set! From Mechanical Design Engineer to Sustainment Engineer and CNC Mill turn Mazak.

Need help with the recruitment process? A great recruitment consultant strives to match the best candidates with their clients. And it doesn’t just stop at submitting your CV and getting you an interview. Recruitment isn’t a ‘one size fits all approach’. They will help get you registered, prepare you for interview, get your CV looking the best it can be, answer all of the questions you may have AND reduce the number of applications you complete. At Omega, we strive to provide excellent service and take the time to get to know our candidates in order to tailor your journey to YOU.

It costs you nothing. The end goal of a recruiter is to find you your dream job, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Recruiters have a vast network of clients with multiple jobs available. So, stop scrolling through job boards and give Omega a call. Let us know what jobs you want to apply for and let us do the rest.

A recruiter is for life! Once you have used a recruiter, if you are ever in the position where you need a new career path or role, they will always be available to help you find one. They have such a large network that they can just about help you with anything!

We know what you’re thinking. Well, we would say that wouldn’t we?! Fair enough. Well, just look at what others have said about their own personal experience…

“I saw a role on a job website. Although it sounded really interesting, there were lots of specifics that I had not covered in my career, so I did nothing further.

Sometime afterwards I received a call from Grady wanting to discuss the role. The benefits of talking to someone was evident straight away. Grady asked me some questions and talking through my work experience and his knowledge of the company he was representing, it gave me the confidence that it was certainly worthwhile progressing an application.

Throughout the whole process Grady gave me just the right amount of communication, he kept me informed and was not pushy in getting me to apply. I would certainly recommend Grady.”

“Carys is a kind and friendly person. She is always laughing and smiling and is constantly encouraging you and helping to boost your confidence. I am very appreciative for all the support that Carys has given me. From helping me secure a job with one of her clients in their IT department for 5 months, and continuing to check in on me to see how things were going for the duration of my contract.

When that contract came to an end she didn’t give up on me! Carys continued to regularly check in with me to see how my job search was going and worked her magic along with her colleagues at Omega to help me find an amazing new role.”

You’ve nothing to lose. Get in touch with our friendly team of recruiters today and tell us all about your dream job.