What is executive recruitment and how can it help me?

about 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
Executive Search
Do you have a senior vacancy which you’re struggling to fill or don’t know where to begin?

We understand that recruitment is challenging, especially when you’re looking to fill a hard-to-fill senior, high profile or specialist role.

By understanding how Executive Search works could save you time and money. So please read on to find out more.

What is an executive search?

The UK job market is facing a candidate shortage at present. Employers are finding it hard to find the right workers for the job. This is where the services of executive search recruitment agencies become invaluable.

They take away the burden, time and effort involved in finding the right candidates for the job.

Some people think that executive search and recruitment agencies provide a similar offering. But while both help companies locate top talent, there is a major difference between the two.

Executive recruitment, sometimes referred to as head hunting or search and selection, is used for hard-to-find senior or niche talent. Unlike other forms of recruitment which relies on traditional methods, executive search is pro-active – targeting passive clients who may already be in a similar role.

How it works
You’ll meet with the executive recruiter so they have a detailed understanding of your business and the perfect candidate – skills, character and experience. This is known as talent mapping and market mapping.
The executive recruiter will then identify and engage with prospective candidates who are an exact match for the role and for your company.

They will then introduce you to the candidate and play a part in the interview process and any negotiations.

You’ll either pay a set fee, a retainer or a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. And while this may seem like a large investment, it’s worth balancing this with the cost of pulling senior team members from their core duties to work on a time-intensive project which they may not be skilled in. Please also consider the financial cost, and the cost to your reputation, of an unsuccessful hire. This will likely be more costly than hiring the services of executive search professional.

All executive search specialists work differently. So ensure you choose a reputable and transparent agency with proven success rates.

10 reasons to use an executive search recruiter

1. They have access to the best candidates
2. Highly specialist consultants with years of experience and market knowledge
3. Can carry out global searches of C-level professionals
4. Will attract passive job seekers
5. They can fill a knowledge gap
6. A discreet executive search will avoid damaging relationships with third parties
7. Will encourage the candidate to accept the role
8. But will never shoe horn a candidate in – it must be a best-fit opportunity
9. Reduce the time to hire
10. And reduce the financial and reputational risk of a bad hire

More senior roles are filled by professional executive search programmes than any other hiring process. This is because the recruiter will proactively source the perfect passive candidate. Something most business leaders are unable to do themselves.

If you’d like to discover more about Executive Search and how it will benefit you please take a look at this. Then call our specialist executive search team on 01453 827 333.