Reasons to get excited to work at Omega

10 months ago by Carys Pegrum
Meet The Team 3
​We know better than most that it’s a candidate-driven market out there and we need to compete for your attention. So, if you’re an active job seeker or simply not feeling great about your current job at the moment, please read on…

Who are Omega?
Omega is a fresh, dynamic and entrepreneurial business based in Gloucestershire, but with offices around the UK and Europe. We’ve experienced strong growth over the last few years and are set to continue expanding into the future. So, now is a great time to jump aboard.

What sort of person works at Omega?
At Omega, we all share the same goal - to provide the best experience possible. We are 100% devoted to our clients and candidates, listen to their needs and put out hearts and souls into our jobs. So, if you’re dedicated, passionate and obsessed with THE best customer service…quite simply, we want you!
“I have worked for Omega for nearly 6 years now and what I enjoy most about being with the business, specifically on-site recruitment, is that every day you have the ability to help people.
Whether that’s someone looking to save money for University, someone starting their life over and trying to get back on their feet or those completely new to the job market looking to get their foot in the door.
Just knowing that you’ve helped in some small way make someone’s life that little bit better by getting them in to work can be a very rewarding feeling.”
Andrew Johnson, Account Manager, Omega

What experience would I need?
We focus on delivering high-value, bespoke recruitment solutions using our in-depth knowledge of the automotive, aerospace, engineering, manufacturing, power energy renewables, logistics and professional services market.
However, our team come from all kinds of backgrounds, jobs and industries which helps to create a unique collaboration of skills.
All of our team benefit from exceptional levels of support and guidance and there are tailored training plans for each employee on an individual basis
We encourage our employees to be creative in how they deliver professional recruitment solutions to our clients and give them the freedom to play to their strengths.

What’s the vibe?!
We’ve created a fun, sociable and professional working environment. We dress down on Fridays and finish early, there’s flexible working opportunities and a great work / life balance.
“Our culture is highly professional, relaxed and fun.”
Mark Davis, Principal Consultant, Omega
What set us apart as a team is the way in which we support each other in our development by sharing knowledge and genuinely wanting the best for each other. You really have to feel it to believe it.

What are some of the perks?
As well as the copious amounts of cake, pizza, parties and lunchtime table tennis competitions …
•Competitive salaries
•Unlimited earning potential
•Generous monthly bonus schemes
•Car allowance
•Charity and local community activities
•Option to sell or buy leave days
•Discounted health club and gym memberships
•Free parking
•Really comfortable modern office

Where can I find out more about Omega?
Here’s our dedicatedJoin The Team page where you can hear from some potential colleagues about what it’s like to work here.

Okay I’m in. Where do I sign up?!
We’re excited for you! You can get in touch here, email us a bit about you to or call for a chat on 01453 827 333. Thanks so much for considering joining our team. You won’t regret it!