5 ways to successfully start a new role remotely

over 2 years ago Carys Pegrum
​Congratulations! You’ve been offered a new job during a challenging time for many employers and candidates.

It’s likely that you’ve had an online interview and you’ll also be starting your new role remotely.

This can seem daunting, and it will be a little different. But don’t worry, we’ve got some hints and tips to help you start your new role remotely…and successfully.

1. We think the main difference with starting a new role remotely is getting a feel for the team dynamics - when you’ve not physically met them yet. If you’re lucky, your new employer will have some experience of hiring remotely and may offer you a knowledge buddy or mentor. Someone to ask for help with processes and catch up with. If they haven’t, there’s no harm in asking if that’s possible. Initiate some introductory meetings too if this hasn’t been arranged. It’s a good way to be proactive in making a good first impression and striking up some essential rapport.

2. Before you begin, ensure that you’re confident with your new technology – especially communication tools. If you’re not used to virtual meetings…practice. If your new team use a Slack or Teams, get familiar with it. You’ll want to be confident and professional right from the off. Concentrating on building those friendships and becoming part of the team should be your only focus – not working out how to unmute yourself!

3. As strange as this may feel to you, it may also be completely alien to your employer. So, offer some understanding and patience. Chances are this job wasn’t expected to be remote and your new boss may still be having a few teething problems with logistics. However, don’t assume this. They may be completely on the ball. In which case they will be hoping you are too!

4. If after a few weeks you’re feeling a little disconnected or not as motivated as you normally would be a new role, don’t beat yourself up. This is perfectly understandable. The best thing you can do is talk to your manager. If you can, offer some suggestions which might help – more frequent 1:1s, some virtual coffee mornings with the team or some clarity around goals. Clear goals will give you a stronger sense of direction and keep you on track. And having some regular catch ups where you can share your wins will demonstrate how driven you are. Something which isn’t easy when you work remotely.

5. A can do attitude will always put you in the spotlight, help you climb the ladder and build friendships. So why not offer to help a colleague – even if you’re not expected to. Perhaps you have a special skill or talent such as content writing which you don’t get to use in your everyday role. But you’d love to put that creativity to good use. If they are struggling with a deadline, your offer of help will be a breath of fresh air. And you’re showcasing your skills too.

We hope you can see that starting a new job remotely might not be ideal for some, but it can go smoothly and successfully with the right attitude. Embrace your new role with enthusiasm from the start and enjoy every minute of this exciting chapter of your career.

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