The South West Employment Market

almost 3 years ago Amy Harris
The South West Employment Market
​Although 2020 was a devastating and uncertain year for many, there are a number of business and industries which have survived and even thrived as a result. It could be that their products and services were still in demand and a necessity, or, they may have pivoted their offering to suit the marketplace. But what does this mean specifically to the market within the South West moving forwards in 2021?

According to a recent survey, 68% of businesses are still hiring. 59% reported hiring new people as a result of growth and a further 59% up-skilling and cross-skilling the workforce.

Understandably, every region in the UK saw a decline in vacancies as of March last year. However, the South West has seen sustained hiring growth since May. Of course, many industries are keeping a lid on hiring whilst the landscape remains uncertain, but many industries are moving forwards and the economy will strengthen once again.

By Industry

Manufacturing, engineering, construction, logistics and warehouse are now in positive territory-hiring rates and above pre-pandemic levels. Of course, hospitality & leisure is one of the worst hit as is retail. The latest national lockdown has obviously impacted all areas of the UK. Recovery, by area, now rests, to some degree, on how the government decides to bring us out of this national lockdown and if a tiered structure is once again enforced.

Construction within the South West is expected to boom this year – Large infrastructure sites are least effected by social distancing measures and therefore are likely to continue as the year progresses.

Facts and figures
As a nation and if the government is to be believed, unemployment will hit a staggering 2.6 million by mid-year. The South West will mirror this trend, with the worst hit sectors being retail and hospitality as previously mentioned.

However, we have to look forwards to other factors in the mix, including an increase in vaccination rates, demand for products/services, Brexit and also the extended job retention scheme. Essentially, there are many varying factors.

Many, many people have faced redundancy and lost their jobs. However, many businesses are still thriving both nationally and in the South West and local areas. What’s important now is to make the most of these industries and as a candidate, determine how your skillset can fit into one of these recruiting businesses.

Many skills are transferable and it’s time to think outside of the box. Speak personally to the recruitment manager, improve your CV, ensure you write a concise, informative cover letter and chase, chase, chase. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t hear back or if you were unsuccessful this time. In time, you will discover the right role for you, it just sometimes takes some time and perseverance.

As a hiring manager, you will have to employ various new methods of recruitment, which we have discussed in detail in our previous articles . Whichever boat you’re in, we’re here to help and we have plenty of live vacancies as we speak – Opportunity is still there! So, contact us now on 01453 827333 or email [email protected]