Christmas is coming and so are lots of temporary jobs

about 3 years ago Amy Harris
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Christmas is coming and so are lots of temporary jobs

As always, Christmas is coming around frighteningly quickly. 2020 has been a blur, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and all the obstacles this has presented from a work and personal perspective. So, how can you go about earning some extra money at such a crucial time of year, when presents need to be bought and cupboards need to be stacked with festive naughties? Read on to find out more…

The current situation
Many people have been faced with redundancy with job seekers unable to find suitable roles due to a highly competitive candidate marketplace. It may be that you have been furloughed from your existing role and so although not at work are only being paid a portion of your full-time salary. In both of the above instances, what options do you have available to you?

Certainly with the latter scenario, i.e. if you have been furloughed, there seems to be some confusion as to your options. If you are in this situation, you should now be aware that the Job retention Scheme has been extended until March 2021. However, what if you want to work or earn some extra pennies for Christmas and thereafter?

As long as you do not undertake any work for your existing organisation and as long as your employer allows (and it’s certainly worth double-checking with your employer and within your contract), you can work for another company whilst on furlough and this will not affect your furlough pay. The rules simply stipulate that you cannot undertake any work for an organisation that is connected to your furloughing employer.

If your contract does state that you cannot undertake any additional work, speak with your employer as they may make a temporary change to you contract in light of the situation.

Options available to you
So, if you are in one of the above situations, how can you go about earning some extra cash this Christmas to help boost your bank account?

There are many options available, especially at this time of year, including temporary roles and fixed-term contracts. Take a look at our website now for one of the many opportunities available. There’s still plenty of time in between now and Christmas and obviously this also applies to after the Christmas period, even if your furlough scheme is still in place.

Your new/second employer should ask you to complete a ‘New Starter Checklist’. Your new job would be classed as a second job and so a flat rate of 20% would need to be applied. Just make sure you keep an eye on your tax codes so you’re not paying too little or too much tax and everything is above board as far as HMRC is concerned.

The benefits of temporary work:
1.Additional income – As mentioned previously, Christmas is an expensive time and so additional temporary work can top-up your bank account and make life, financially, a lot easier and a little less stressful.
2.Additional training – Whatever the job, it will require some form of training and every skillset experienced is a new addition to your CV.
3.Your mental health – Keeping busy, both physically and mentally can have an extremely positive impact on your mental health. Covid-19 has had a huge and mostly negative affect on many people and so feeling like you’re doing something, can be a real boost.
4.New experiences – It could be that your new role opens your eyes to a different career path. It could be that you actually prefer this type of work and so this makes a difference to your choices for the future. It can be seen as a ‘foot in the door’.
5.You’re in control – The hint here is in the nature of the work – It’s ‘temporary’. It gives you flexibility and means you are in control.
6.Networking – New experiences naturally widen your work network and this is invaluable, especially if you do a good job.
7.Protection – Yes, the role may be temporary, but you still have rights and are entitled to sick pay, holiday allowance and regular pay. You will be given the same rights as your permanent colleagues.
8.Onwards and upwards – You may be feeling uncertain about your ‘first’ job and what the future holds, especially with so many businesses being affected by Covid-19. Taking a temporary role can lead to a permanent position, particularly if you prove yourself invaluable to the company.

2020 so far has been an uncertain time for many. However, many businesses are still investing and still recruiting for both temporary and permanent roles. If you’re looking for a new role or a second job to support your furlough income, contact us now on 01453 827 333 or email [email protected].