Horstman Defence Systems Limited

about 3 years ago
Horstman, a Company of the RENK group is an agile and growing business comprising businesses units in the UK, US and Canada. Providing world leading design and manufacturing capabilities, our customers benefit from our time-tested pedigree in innovation, product development manufacture and defence project management in heavy armoured and tracked vehicle suspension systems
We have needed to recruit a number of people over the past few months of the Covid outbreak to start in roles fairly urgently – with a mixture of permanent and fixed term contracts. In some cases looking for very specific experience.

Paul has sourced great candidates for all the roles we have given him really quickly. He has managed the candidates through our new way of recruiting with our remote interview process and ensured the candidates were well prepared and the process has run smoothly.

We have successfully started a number of new employees in a variety of roles, all supplied from Omega with a quick turnaround time. We have been very impressed that the process has been so straight forward given the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in!

Rachael Bailey – HR Lead
Horstman Defence Systems Limited.